Packing Light to Packing Tight: Tips and Tricks for Your Hand Luggage

Packing Light to Packing Tight: Tips and Tricks for Your Hand Luggage

Authored by Rachel
Posted: Saturday, October 21, 2023 - 06:00

Got your next girl’s trip to Malaga or looking to spend some time basking in the Parisian views, only to find out you can’t fit your shoes? We know. The hand luggage has been reducing in size, with Ryanair making the biggest cut of up to 55%.

Squeezing in your pink maxi dress, perfect for the final evening, or your extra pair of pyjamas can be a hassle when you’ve only got 40 by 20 by 25cm to fit it all.

Georgia, Marketing Apprentice at Pink Boutique, says: “We’ve all got out essentials when it comes to packing for a weekend away but feeling fabulous sometimes requires that extra outfit change or accessory. So, making the most of your space, especially as it becomes smaller, is key for getting the look you want, even abroad.

“From packing light to packing tight, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make your trip without buying additional luggage space. And raiding your wardrobe for a few of your favourite versatile pieces is only one way of making a big impact with a small bag.”

Picking the perfect pieces

Packing light sometimes means leaving your favourite two-piece or extra comfy shoes at home – don’t worry, you’ll see them again soon. So, being choosy when picking the right outfits for your destination is key.

Creating an itinerary of activities for the weekend can help you choose the best clothing for the occasion. If you and the girls are heading to a Michelin-starred restaurant, then definitely pack that killer bodysuit, but if you’re just relaxing by the beach for a few days, then you can leave it at home and pick a bikini or two instead.

Picking versatile pieces that work for multiple outfits can also be a real space-saver. Instead of choosing that one top with a fun pattern that only matches one pair of trousers, choose a solid colour top which can be dressed up with a skirt and heels or worn casually with jeans. This way, you can get two outfits for the price of one!

And if you want to bring your comfort pieces, like your favourite hoodie, but don’t want to waste space in your luggage, wear it on your travels. There is no better time to get comfy than on a long flight. So, instead of bulking out your bag with this item, keep it on you. You can always wrap it around your waist or shoulders if it becomes too much.

Buy abroad

Looking to update your wardrobe before your holiday but worried about how much you’ll have to carry? Well, why not wait. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe before heading away and then choosing between some of your favourite items and your new ones, wait until you reach your destination.

Especially if you’re going to a fashion-forward location like Milan, splashing the cash and buying your new wardrobe here can be a treat which doubles as a fun holiday activity for you and the girls. Make memories by buying each other an outfit. Ditch the old dress and bring home your unique souvenir.

And for those liquid and makeup items, purchase them in duty-free. Instead of stressing beforehand about how much to take, you can find all your favourite essential and premium brands at the airport, so spend some time doing a quick shop and only take the products you truly cannot live without.

Sharing is caring

Now, who said your luggage is restricted to just your bag? If you have a partner or friends who tend to pack lighter, why not split the difference and ask to put some of your items into their luggage? After all, sharing is caring.

Before going on your trip, get the girls group chat together to see what you must pack and the bag space you have. You might find that packing all your shoes together helps to reduce the scuffs on your clothing and keeps them together or that packing them separately can help avoid over-weighing one bag. We are sure your friends won’t mind squeezing in those extra heels as long as they can borrow them.

And if your friends are the same size as you, you can take a variety of outfits for all occasions and not miss out! If you can’t decide whether to wear dress or trousers to your first dinner, you can take one while your friend takes the other. This way, neither of you has to decide until the evening.

Fold the right way

Knowing how to fold your clothes right is half the battle when packing your bags for a weekend away. And even when you’ve folded them correctly initially, knowing how to fit it all back in for the return trip is just as important.

It’s better to roll your clothes rather than fold them. This helps remove as much air as possible from between the creases and ensures you get the most out of your clothes. The key is to make a pocket for your roll to sit without coming undone. Some people even roll multiple clothes together to make one larger roll.

Finding the right place to put them is just as important. Socks and shoes naturally go together, so why pack them separately? Shoes already take up a good portion of your bag, so adding socks inside the shoes can make use of this extra space and stop your shoes from being flattened in your bag.  

Brilliant bags

Some bags you can buy online can also help with packing the right way for a trip. Some designs, such as the TikTok duffel bag with a hidden garment bag inside, let you lie your clothes into the lining of the bag.

This not only lets you store shoes, accessories, or your beauty products inside, but it also has the space to keep your clothes separate. And due to the design, you can keep clothes wrinkle-free, so you don’t have to hunt for an iron at the hotel desk at the last minute.

And why not try out a vacuum seal bag as part of your packing technique? Simply put your clothes inside one of the bags and either push or vacuum the air out. This will condense your clothes, meaning you can squeeze them into your luggage better.

Sick of leaving your summer dress behind or fancy fitting in your favourite shoes? The even-decreasing air luggage means that many have to choose between what they want and what they need when it comes to packing. But by sharing the burden, bribing friends, or even vacuum sealing your clothes, you can fit more into your bag.



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