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The Travel Daily is dedicated to all of the travel and adventure lovers out there and is your daily dose of travel and holidays news.

We aim to feature the best destination guides, hotel reviews, travel tips and experiences to help inspire you and your travel plans.

We try to include a bit of something for everyone here and if we do review a hotel or brand we do so honestly whilst regaining full editorial control, so you can expect to find only truly honest reviews you can trust in on our site.

If a brand or product does not meet the mark, it just wont be included. If there is something you would particularly like a review on and cant find it here, please get in touch.

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Meet The Travel Daily Editor Clare Payne

The Travel Daily About Us Clare Payne Editor (British Grand Prix, Silvertstone 2019 - Big F1 fans here!)

Clare is The Travel Daily Editor and Co-Founder. She is based just outside of Exeter, Devon where she lives with her Husband, 3 Children and Cocker Spaniel, Hershey.

Clare has always had a passion for travel and is lucky to have travelled to some beautiful parts of the world. She has continued to travel with her children and has some big travel plans for the future! Watch this space!

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