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Go Solo and Explore Exciting Destinations

Travelling the globe is an exciting pastime, but what about going solo? Deciding to leave your regular friends behind and striking out on your own is sure to increase your sense of freedom and adventure. You can wander wherever you want and make impulsive visits to some of the world's most fascinating monuments. Newcomers to solo travel may secretly feel a little apprehensive about their forthcoming trip, but there is a tried and trusted way to gain the confidence you need.

Make New Friends

Joining an organised holiday designed for solo travellers is perfect for making the most of your travel experience. Companies such as WeRoad are specialists at adventure travel that's exciting, memorable, and totally amazing. You have access to an experienced travel coordinator, but you'll also meet other solo travellers. Join a trip for groups and you follow a detailed itinerary that presents the characteristics that make a destination unique.

Discover Local Highlights

When you want your next solo holiday to be full of adventure, choose an atmospheric location. For instance, Cuba is a captivating destination for travelers. Imagine exploring the Old Town of Havana which which dates back to 1515. It's packed with authentic baroque architecture that teams perfectly with vintage cars and cuisine that's influenced by the Caribbean. On group trips, you'll be sure to visit the tobacco plantations that made the local, hand-rolled cigars, the most exclusive in the world. The most famous adventurer in Cuba's recent history is the revolutionary, Che Guevara. His tomb can be found in Santa Clara. On an organised trip, you can have fun sharing your views on his exploits with your new friends.

Enjoy Wonderful Landscapes

Solo adventurers love to appreciate the natural terrain of a destination instead of typical tourist hubs. When you share an organised trip with like-minded soloists, you can rely on exploring unspoilt regions. Bali has become popular with tourists, but solo adventurers can discover so much more about this idyllic location. At Jatiluwih, there are traditional rice fields that fully deserve their status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Organised holidays usually include exciting activities such as rafting and cooking local dishes that ensure your solo adventure is one of the best.

Fascinating Features

Adventure holidays that are organised by experienced coordinators are perfectly tailored to include unusual details. Visit Turkey on an organised trip and you could easily find yourself exploring the secret, underground city of Özkonak. This ancient complex of houses and tunnels dates back to around 400 BC. Amazingly, it completely disappeared many centuries ago and was only rediscovered in the 1970s. Visit the island paradise of Sri Lanka and you can explore the Cave Temple at Dambulla which was patiently carved by hand in the first century BC. When you long for an authentic holiday adventure with friends, join an organised trip that's specially designed for solo travellers.

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