how to Rent a Car in the UAE A Guide for International Visitors

How to Rent a Car in the UAE: A Guide for International Visitors

International visitors often choose the UAE as their destination. Statistics show that Dubai alone welcomed over 17 million international visitors in 2022, a significant 19.4% over 2019. Fortunately, the Emirate has all it takes to receive and cater to these visitors.

Apart from the diverse sceneries that can make their trips memorable, the UAE has various industries that make logistics seem like a walk in the park. For instance, all it takes to rent a luxury car Dubai is to know the essential steps and follow them.

What Do International Visitors Need to Rent a Car in the UAE?

Car rental services in the UAE are highly popular. As such, many visitors prefer temporary rides from car rental companies. I

Renting a vehicle in the UAE can be a convenient and rewarding experience. It offers the flexibility to explore the country’s attractions at your own pace. However, below are some documents you will need to rent a car as an international visitor in the country:

International Passport

Your international passport serves as your ID card while in Dubai. It gives the car rental company a means to identify and track you, if necessary. Therefore, car rental companies require a copy of your international passport to prove your identity when renting a car.

Driver’s License

You need a driver’s license to rent and use a vehicle in Dubai. The UAE allows you to use a driver’s license from your home country for a short period. However, you will need an International Driver’s permit if your driver’s license is not in English. 

Valid Visa

You also need a visa that will be valid throughout your rental period. Suppose you are renting online before leaving your home country. Ensure you get your visa sorted before kickstarting the car rental process.

Procedures for Renting a Car in the UAE for an International Visitor

It is easy to rent a vehicle in Dubai. All you need to do is follow the process duly. It gets even better as most vehicle rental companies are becoming more digitized. You can now book a vehicle online, track your car rental process, and make payments virtually.

Ready to get your first rented luxury car? Let’s dive right into it!

Confirm Your Eligibility

Check if you have all the necessary documents in order. Also, you must be at least 21 years old, as this is the minimum age for renting a vehicle in the UAE. In fact, some rental companies have a higher age limit for some vehicles. 

Consider the Financial Commitments

Renting a vehicle requires some financial thought. Consider how much you need to rent the vehicle for the duration you need it for. Also, check if the company accepts a no-deposit rental. Also, consider the payment methods available and choose the one that best suits you. 

Decide on a Car to Rent

The UAE has a highly sophisticated car rental industry that ensures the availability of diverse vehicles to cater to versatile tastes. Therefore, choosing among these myriads might be tasking. Decide on your preferred vehicle, considering your needs, budget, amenities available with the vehicle, and the places you will be visiting. 

Choose a Rental Company

There are more than 200 rental companies in the UAE, each with distinct features. However, it is best to look for companies that offer a wide range of vehicles, competitive prices, good customer service, and convenient locations for pickup and drop off. One of the best ways to go about it is to read online reviews and get recommendations from trusted people. 


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