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NEW Hotel Athens revives Greek culinary heritage with new brunch menu.

Authored by SamD
Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2023 - 14:11

Reviving Greek culinary heritage The essence of Greece's flavours takes center stage in the revamped menu of the Art Lounge Rooftop Restaurant, at NEW Hotel.

Flavours that are deeply ingrained in the Greek collective memory, invoking moments of joy with friends around the dining table. Authentic Greek flavours that serve as the starting point for the gastronomic journey Art Lounge invites us to embark on.

With a focus on these beloved tastes and using carefully selected high-quality ingredients, Executive Chef of NEW Hotel, Babis Kountouris, and his team introduce a distinctive menu, offering a fresh interpretation of Greek traditions through contemporary culinary techniques.

Classic recipes from all over Greece, dishes rooted in daily Greek life, now claim a prominent place on the Art Lounge's table, reimagined through the creative lens of Chef Babis Kountouris. The characteristic “Bianco” from Corfu, the “Ospriada” with various legumes found in every Aegean kitchen, dishes like “Soutzoukakia” and “Giouvarlakia”, or the famous “Giouvetsi”, have all become highlights of the new menu. Tradition is elevated through the chef's modern techniques and exceptional ingredients sourced from all corners of Greece, including Mesolonghi bottarga, Koilados prawns, xigalo and stakovoutyro from Crete, and many more, infusing aromas and memories from every region of the country.

With several years at the helm of Art Lounge and previous experience in the kitchens of significant Greek hotels and European restaurants with 2 or 3 Michelin stars, Babis Kountouris is renowned for his ability to balance tradition and innovation, creating new culinary propositions that always focus on authentic flavours.

At Art Lounge, and throughout NEW Hotel, innovation coexists with simplicity, creativity is based on tradition. The renowned design duo Fernando & Humberto Campana gave the hotel its distinctive character by utilizing traditional objects in a contemporary way, bringing moments from the past into the present and working with materials that are typical of Greek architecture. This core philosophy of NEW Hotel's aesthetics is the same philosophy that pervades the renewed Art Lounge menu. Pioneering spirit, simplicity, and tradition combine to create a truly unique gastronomic experience.

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