Planning your 2024 holiday

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 23:13

It might feel too early to start planning your holidays for next year, but that isn’t stopping people from making the most of deals that pop up before the holiday season starts. Planning in advance isn’t just beneficial for you and your peace of mind, it’s also beneficial for your wallet and increases the chances of your holiday request being approved at work.

As ever, it’s important to go through all the necessary steps of planning your vacation, from making a budget to deciding where to go and what you want to do. Here are just a few things to remember when planning your trip.

Make a budget

Avoid spending unnecessary money by making a budget. This should include everything from accommodation to eating out, activities, travel and spending money. Of course, it’s good to save money where you can. This can include travelling at off-peak times, organising your activities in advance to avoid high season fees and shopping around for the best currency exchange well in advance of you going away.

When you’re on your holiday, there are also some nifty ways to save money. Look into buying travel tickets that will last the entirety of your trip, check out the local fruit and vegetable markets if you wish to cook yourselves and opt for cheaper activities like hiking and biking during your stay.

Choose your destination

Consider what you would like to do on holiday. If it’s going to be centred around adventure and sport, you’re best off opting for a mountainous country that is equipped with biking and hiking trails. You might also be looking for the simple pleasure of swimming in the sea, for which a warm Mediterranean country is just the ticket.

On the other hand, you might be craving the city life. Vast metropolises like New York, Berlin and Milan are a paradise for those who enjoy all the variety a big city has to offer. As ever, investigate travel cards with which you can use public transport for an extended period of time, book your accommodation early and see if there are any free events that are happening around the city.

Consider different modes of travel

Whether you’re heading off for a walking holiday in Austria or a relaxed break next to the sea, simply changing the way you travel could help you save money. Travelling slowly is a much more cost-effective way to go about things as you will avoid spending big sums on high-speed travel and spend less in each place.

Don’t try and take on too much on your trip. Choose a few places that you can explore fully, dedicating a few days to each. Consider also camping or hiring a camper van; this way, you won’t have to pay for expensive tickets and can travel as far as your petrol budget allows. Needless to say, you’ll save a bulk in accommodation fees. You could also look into couch surfing where local people allow you to stay in their house for free and you can experience local culture in its most authentic form.


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