Why your next family holiday should be a cycling holiday travel

Why your next family holiday should be a cycling holiday

Victoria Jones
Authored by Victoria Jones
Posted: Saturday, August 26, 2023 - 11:48

Family Travel: Family Cycling Holidays

If you’re stressed out trying to find a holiday resort for you and the kids, as well as a destination that isn’t overrun by tourists, maybe it’s a sign to totally rethink your family holiday. Maybe a spot of adventure would do you all good, one in which you see new places, discover breathtaking views and do things you never thought possible.

That’s where the humble bike comes in. An increasingly popular way to travel and explore new places, a cycling holiday will have you coming back fitter than when you left, and with a bank of unforgettable memories.

They’re good for your health

Oen of the most obvious health benefits is that a cycling holiday will improve your cardiovascular health. If you struggle with your weight, cycling is a great low-impact sport that effectively burns fat whilst also minimising injuries to your joints and muscles. Cycling also leads you to naturally beautiful pockets of the world which you then might want to explore further by foot.

Not only will your physical health improve, but your mental health too. By taking on a challenge such as this and then completing and enjoying it, your self confidence will grow. And seeing as you’re on your bike the whole day, that seriously minimises any screen time which is never a bad thing!

They bring you together as a family

Cycling holidays are a brilliant way to get the whole clan out to enjoy the great outdoors together. Due to the constantly changing nature of the sport and speed at which you can explore a new place together, it’s an invaluable way to keep teenagers entertained whilst also discouraging them from using their phones. Such holidays are proven to improve youngsters’ concentration levels at school.

Now that it’s just you and the surrounding nature, it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect and share stories. Maybe you exchange some jokes whilst stopping for water, maybe you share some personal truths whilst on your lunch break. With so few distractions, you’ll find that a family cycling holiday brings you together like never before.

You can explore so many awesome places

With a bike, the world is your oyster. If you’re looking to have an affordable holiday in the UK, strap your bikes onto the trailer and head to the Lake District where you’ll find biking paths of varying difficulty. The most hardcore members of the family can even try a bit of mountain biking!

If you’re hoping to see somewhere completely new, France is a mecca for cyclists and offers everything from pristine coastline to undulating hills and vineyards. The Netherlands is also a great option if you’re beginners.


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