CampWild Launches to Inspire and Enable Wilder Camping Adventures in the UK travel

CampWild Launches to Inspire and Enable Wilder Camping Adventures in the UK

Clare Payne
Authored by Clare Payne
Posted: Monday, July 31, 2023 - 08:03

Pioneering wild camping-inspired project unlocks the UK countryside, creating affordable getaways

A nature-loving entrepreneur has launched an exciting new project that aims to revolutionise camping and help people reconnect with nature by 'unlocking' permitted wild camping spaces across the UK.

Tom Backhouse has launched CampWild to inspire and enable wilder camping adventures by unlocking previously inaccessible Wild Spaces™ across the UK, by negotiating access to private land with trusts, custodians, and landowners, and providing detailed profiles of over 250 Wilder Campsites; the largest directory of its kind in the UK.

CampWild Launches to Inspire and Enable Wilder Camping Adventures in the UK travel holidays

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CampWild is offering access to a variety of exclusive Wild Spaces, where off-grid camping can take place in locations that were previously inaccessible to the public. This includes diverse landscapes, from woodlands and farmland, to butterfly meadows, bays and mountains. 

One of CampWild's first collaborators for Wild Spaces is with Oxygen Conservation. Acquiring land across the UK from Devon to the Scottish Highlands, they look to protect and restore natural processes, aiming to deliver positive environmental and social impacts. This is seen through renewable energy production, peatland restoration, species reintroduction, eco-tourism, restoring woodland and carbon storage.

Their portfolio is truly captivating and they are excited to partner with CampWild to unlock access to a number of breathtaking Wild Spaces, initially including:

  • Blackburn & Hartsgarth - two extensive upland farms with amazing panoramas in the Scottish Borders, totalling over 11,000 acres
  • Swineley Farm - a 500-acre traditional upland farm within the Yorkshire Dales National Park
  • Coming Soon: Invergeldie - an iconic 12,000-acre Scottish Highland estate in a highly accessible and truly spectacular setting
  • Coming Soon: Esgair Arth – set against the beautiful backdrop of Cardigan Bay, the holding extends to 300-acres of beautiful hill grazing pasture.

Entrepreneur, adventurer and co-founder of CampWild, Tom Backhouse, said: "Research shows us that over three quarters of Brits are planning UK staycations this year*, as the cost of living continues to bite. I'm therefore so excited to bring CampWild to the UK and offer a low-cost way for individuals and families to create the most memorable adventures, and truly reconnect with nature and the benefits it provides to both our mental and physical wellbeing.

"In my view, holidays shouldn't be about breaking the bank, but about experiences. With CampWild, we are helping people to discover some awe-inspiring locations that are literally on our doorsteps – whether an established wilder campsite or an undiscovered Wild Space. We're launching in time for the summer holidays for those looking for ideas of unique places they can explore across England, Wales or Scotland."

CampWild Launches to Inspire and Enable Wilder Camping Adventures in the UK affordable travel

The CampWild platform gives people the opportunity to easily discover wilder places, and experience them in a responsible and sustainable way, while safeguarding the interests of the landowners who are making the spaces available to people and helping to protect the locations for future generations.

Continues Tom: "My vision is to create a community of like-minded people who are regularly getting out to Wild Spaces and Wilder Campsites, engaging with landowners and communities, respecting the land, while giving back hyper-locally by spending in neighbouring communities. We want to support conservation work, foster responsible camping practices, and ensure that nature and local communities are at the heart of our vision."

Talking about the partnership with CampWild, Oxygen Conservation's Founder and Managing Director Rich Stockdale said: "This partnership resonates deeply with our commitment to promoting a sustainable way of supporting connection with nature. We believe that if you want to inspire people to protect and improve the natural world you need to help them to be in it, to experience these wild spaces. Collaborating with CampWild is a key step into inviting people onto our sites to experience these incredible ecosystems.

"We have together agreed not all sites will be open to wild camping, as we allow certain sites to regenerate, or need protection in the early stages of native woodland planting. The understanding CampWild has had for this only strengthens our trust in knowing they too truly respect these rare and special landscapes. For those areas we are opening up for people to enjoy, we cannot wait to hear of their adventures and experiences."

CampWild is a subscription service, which is available for £20 per year. Members then book and pay for Wilder Campsites directly with the site owners, while Wild Spaces are booked via the CampWild website, with each location charging a nominal fee, per night, per site.

Members also gain access to exclusive benefits, discounts from brand partners, and can participate in future CampWild webinars, workshops, and events. It has also connected with several CampWild Ambassadors such as Lizzie JamesDaniel JonesChris Hughes, and Kate Appleby, who share the CampWild ethos and will inspire members with their knowledge and experiences of the great outdoors via social media takeovers and live interviews.

For more information about CampWild or to become a member, visit


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